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Understanding Green Buildings

The state of the climate has been worrisome. The global temperature has started to be a lot warmer than it used to be and vice versa. Let’s take the example of Saudi Arabia and other parts of the United Arab Emirates. These areas used to experience no or less rainfall but now, the rainfall in the area has increased.   

Other than that, the snow and ice levels have decreased and the opposite has happened with the sea levels. Since no significant action is being taken to eliminate the causes of climate change, we need to realize right now that sooner, rather than at a later date in the future, the climate will change so much so that it will be irreversible and beyond our control. 

The problem doesn’t lie only in the fact that there is a mismanagement of the natural resources but also in urbanization. If things kept following this path then by 2050, according to the UN, more than a couple of billion people would have moved to a city. Not to mention that almost half of the world’s population is already located in cities that cover less than 2% of the earth and significantly account for global carbon dioxide emissions.

Now that we’ve established the problem, let’s talk about the solution – green cities. They are becoming increasingly popular in combating the global climate change crisis. The concept of green cities basically refers to a building that is designed keeping in mind the health and wellbeing of the residents and the general sustainability of the environment. 

Generally, whenever any word is paired with the term ‘green’, it launches an image in the head of the reader. That image is not of the color but the idea that the environment is green when it is healthy and abundant; uncompromised by the number of problems that this article can’t begin to describe. 

Everything about a Green Building, starting from its construction, operation, and maintenance aims to reduce its impact on the environment. Green Building’s benefits are not only just limited to that but also include providing a healthy environment for people to work in, reducing water and energy consumption, and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs. 

They are built using eco-friendly building materials at carefully selected locations that reduce commute times and in a manner that is mindful of decreasing landfill waste. Moreover, they encourage renewable transportation use and Internet of Things connectivity which saves energy and reduces carbon footprint.

Green Buildings are known to enhance the natural environment with the help of trees, gardens, etc which in turn helps with reducing carbon emissions. Construction of such buildings is not that difficult and in fact, there are companies that offer green building construction services in Pakistan.

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