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PM Imran orders immediate construction on Diamer-Bhasha Dam

PM Imran orders immediate construction on Diamer-Bhasha Dam

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, ordered the immediate construction of the Diamer-Bhasha Dam since water security is the government’s top-most priority.

Besides the use of agricultural needs, it will create jobs to 16,500 people and will meet the energy requirements of the country at an affordable rate. It will also mitigate major flood damages.

Its main purpose is water storage and the production of 4,500MW cheap and affordable electricity, lowering the water shortage from 12 million acre-feet (MAF) to 6.1 MAF.

The premier directed the concerned ministries to give priority to the material and expertise required for the construction as it will boost the local industry. Rs78.5 billion will be utilized on the area’s social development as a part of the project.

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