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The ties between Turkey and Pakistan are closer than ever. Both countries share converging interests in many vital regional and international issues. The band goes back to the pre-partition days when the Muslims of the subcontinent staunchly supported the Ottoman Caliphate and vehemently opposed its downfall. Recently, the Imran Khan-led government and Erdogan administration have further strengthened their ties. It can be evident from the Turkish President’s historic speech in the Pakistani parliament. Ankara supports Pakistan’s stance on the Kashmir dispute. Islamabad acknowledges the Turkish role as the regional power. 

Military Ties 

Pakistani military leadership values its relationship with Turkey. Pakistan’s army needs advanced attack helicopters. Currently, it relies on the fleet of American-made AH Cobras. According to the deal enacted in 2018, the Turkish defense organization will deliver 30 T129 ATAK Helicopters. Moreover, in recent times Turkey has started building a modern corvette for Pakistan Navy called MILGEM Ada class corvette. Furthermore, the Turkish Air-force has ordered 52 indigenously developed Mushshak trainer aircraft.  

Economic Relations

The economic ties between the two friendly states are warm. Recently, a Turkish delegation met the President of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) and vowed to invest in industrial units across the country. The head of the mission said that there is a massive investment vacuum in Pakistan, and the whole international community should avail of this opportunity. Lastly, the President of the ICCI reiterated the stance of the Turkish delegation and added that the visit contributes to the already growing relations between the two brotherly states.  

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