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Murree Improvement Trust, A brief overview

Murree Improvement Trust is striving for the excellence and beautification of Murree’s rural and urban areas. MIT provides basic amenities of life in the form of cleanliness drives and installation of water treatment plants. Furthermore, trust is also engaged in various anti-encroachment operations in the city and its adjoining areas. The parent body of the organization is the Punjab Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department and its chairman is Deputy Commissioner erstwhile District Coordination Officer (DCO). MIT works on the pattern of Murree Development Authority (MDA). Apart from that, the trust operates the Murree Improvement Trust colony, located in the Shawala area of Murree.

Murree Improvement Trust Colony is a state of the art residential colony containing all the basic amenities of life. Furthermore, it is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Murree. The location is home to many vital public installations like Embassy lodge and FC Guest House. Also the passage of two main roads, Lower Jhika Gali and Lower Bazaar, further increases its worth and importance. In terms of tourism, the Colony’s location is the most beautiful in the whole area, as it lies on the crossroads of the famous Galiyat region and Malka-e-Kohsar. In addition to that, the area is secure and the crime rate is zero. It is also moderately populated and is serene, calm, and peaceful, making it the perfect destination for tourism and living.

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