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MD speech during REIC 2020


The real state sector of the country is facing many problems like undocumented projects, traditional processes of buying and selling, and the most prominent of all is the presence of the majority of projects without No objection Certificate (NOC). As a result of these end-users (investors) suffers. The elimination of these hurdles is the core goal of our organization. Moreover, all the projects of the group are No objection Certificate (NOC) approved. And the projects are fully inlined with the local laws. The most astounding fact is the presence of the majority of the big projects in the Federal Capital Islamabad and Peshawar without NOC. The problem is adding to the woes of the unregulated Real estate market.

Our group has four companies; S2s Marketing, AH Contractors, AH Tech, and AH Management. By the grace of Al-Mighty Allah, in the short duration of time, S2s Marketing has become a state-of-the-art marketing company. Currently, the company has two offices in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. S2s marketing manages digital marketing, media, and other advertisement-related campaigns.

AH, contractors play a consultancy role in ongoing projects. Furthermore, the aim behind the establishment of AH Tech is the merger of Real Estate with Technology. Unfortunately, Pakistani society lacks the vigor for out-of-the-box thinking, and always follows established traditional patterns. Contrarily, in a world where information technology is rapidly integrating with the property sector. This merger has generated a new phenomenon called PropTech. The group is aware of modern technological advancement and its pivotal role in every area of life. Real estate is no exception. And will soon launch a mobile application that will significantly enhance the current traditional mechanisms prevailing in the market. In this regard, the joint ventures are in process with enthusiastic tech investors. AH, Management mainly deals with the planning, formulation, and implementation of the projects and conducts feasibility tests.

The company has offices in Islamabad, Peshawar, Murree, Hangu, and Quetta. There is a plan to open offices in the other major cities of the country. Lastly, the founder and the top executive of the corporation thanked all the attendees for making this conference a complete success.

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