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ICCI calls to resume construction businesses

Islamabad; the President of the Islamabad Chamber of commerce and industry said that all the businesses related to the construction activity need to be opened without opening the allied businesses the construction activity cannot execute properly. He called upon the relevant authorities to issue notifications for the opening of all businesses related to construction activity, including steel re-rolling and marble sector۔

PM Imran Khan’s announcement to boost the economy by investing in the construction sector is hopeful for the business community. He said that on the instructions of the Coordination Committee and Prime Minister of Pakistan, the district administration had issued notification for the opening of the construction industry, but steel re-rolling, marble, and some other industries were not covered in the said notification, which has created confusion in the businessmen of the construction sector.

He explained that ICCI has already issued instructions to traders and industrialists to fully abide by the SOPs issued by the local administration for the opening of business activities.

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