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Hangu’s strategic location is a blessing

District Hangu occupies a strategic geographical location in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It lies some 60 km from the provincial capital Peshawar. Its capital city is also called Hangu. The district is home to majestic sceneries and beautiful mountain terrains. Some historians believe that the name of Hangu is derived from a place in China while others say that it originated locally. The geographical location of Hangu is a blessing. North of Hangu lies Orakzai, to the South-North Waziristan, to the West Kurram agency, and to the East Karak and Kohat. The central position of Hangu in the South KP grants it an economic edge over other areas. It has a huge potential to become the economic hub of the South KP, which is relatively poorer than Northern KP. Apart from its strategic location, it is home to exquisite and magnificent tourist destinations like the Samana hills. Hangu city is the connecting link between all the major towns in Southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The terrorist groups located in the periphery of the Hangu district inflicted severe damage on its people. But the successful operations conducted by Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) in the former tribal areas have eradicated the menace of terrorism and extremism. The FATA merger with KP has further improved the law and order situation in the province. So now it is the perfect time for trade and investment in KP, primarily in Hangu. In the coming few years Western route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will become reality. The Western route of CPEC will further multiply the strategic importance of the Hangu district and its capital city.        

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