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Australia announces research projects in Pakistan

Islamabad: New agricultural research projects in Pakistan were announced by Australia during a visit by Professor Andrew Campbell, CEO Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research (ACIAR).

It is an Australian government agency that focuses on international agricultural research for development. The ACIAR has acted as an important component of Australia’s engagement with Pakistan and has been life-changing for the farmers of Pakistan. It has vastly improved the quality and productivity of the agriculture sector of Pakistan and currently supports about 13 projects in Pakistan, that span all over the country.

The new projects continue their history of 35 years of research and development activity. They include a decade long program on salinity management. The purpose of this is to build the adaptive capacity of stakeholders and improve the livelihoods of farming and coastal communities.

Moreover, a research project is in the plan to deepen the understanding of rural transformation in countries like China, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Pakistan. The results driven from this will inform policymaking. Another initiative also includes aiming at the developing competitive and socially-inclusive value chains for the development of pulses production in the country.

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