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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

According to the co-founder of Google, “Artificial intelligence would be the ultimate version of Google. The ultimate search engine would understand everything on the web. It would understand exactly what you wanted, and it would give you the right thing. We’re nowhere near doing that now. However, we can get incrementally closer to that, and that is basically what we work on”.

The beauty of AI is that it is not limited to one field. AI can be integrated with any field and if used efficiently can greatly enhance the working mechanism of the respective area. Similarly, no one can turn a blind eye towards its uses in the field of advanced marketing. The applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Digital Marketing are enormous. Here we will discuss the top applications of digital marketing.

The uses of AI in Marketing are enumerated below.

Online Advertising

Several tools work on the principles of Artificial intelligence and can be used for optimizing marketing advertisements. Many companies are using these tools and the results are remarkable.

Personalized User Experience

The best marketing strategy nowadays is to create personalized tech applications. Personalization is the process of responding directly to the customer on an individual level. And this can be done by incorporating AI in Mobile applications. Personalized user experience is essential for gaining the trust of your customer base.

AI-Powered Chabot

Chabot applications streamline interactions between people and services and thus enhancing customer experience. At the same time, they offer companies new opportunities to improve the customer’s engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the manual cost of traditional engagement. In addition to that, the data used can be evaluated periodically for further enhancement of the communication channel between the customers and the organization.

Predictive Analysis

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive analytics are paving the way for intensive customer-centric data that can increase sales, generate leads, and enhance customer satisfaction. Predictive analytics, when paired with computational power, allows businesses to identify their potential customers or probable responses by using personalized data collected over time

Artificial intelligence algorithms are increasingly integrating the ability to identify key emotions of a customer’s base and produce insights that make prospecting more effective for potential buyers. For example, you have sales data on thousands of customers and the different items they have bought. Without the help of AI algorithms, all you will see is a bunch of complex data, rows after rows, mentioning product codes or names that will not only lead you anywhere but are also highly complex to understand (Singh, 2019, p. 1).

Web Designing

Artificial intelligence can be used to solve the problem of repetitive steps, which is time-consuming and is vulnerable to errors. In the current era, web developers are embedding AI with web designing. Web designing is a vital part of modern digital marketing and so AI plays the role of a bridge between Digital Marketing and Web designing.

Content Generation

Efficient and smart content is a vital part of any broader marketing strategy. Good content in marketing means the content which has performed better in the targeted market. For the evaluation of this, a new term has been coined by the proponents of advanced marketing techniques called content intelligence.

Content Intelligence is the in-depth evaluation of all content produced by the corporation. The primary aim of content intelligence is to analyze which content has performed better and vice versa. Manual evaluation is a hectic and time-consuming process as a humongous amount of content is produced on the daily basis. Artificial Intelligence can solve this problem. Modern tools of AI are smarter and efficient and can analyze all posts in a few minutes. The output will also be more reliable than working manually as AI is more resistant to errors than humans.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Artificial intelligence makes email marketing better in two big ways:

Increase revenue

AI-powered tools for email marketing can increase open and click rates, helping you make more money from email and produce better results from time spent on email marketing campaigns.

Decrease costs

AI-powered tools for email also make it easier, better, and faster to create winning campaigns and dramatically reduces the amount of time required for your team to produce collateral for email marketing initiatives.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines work on some specific Algorithms, though there is no clear information about how these Algorithms work. But there are effective strategies that can optimize the standing of your content on famous search engines. For this purpose inclusion of keywords with maximum reach in the content is important and necessary. And to gain insight into the knowledge of keywords the AI induced tools work best. For example, IBM Watson and AI tool is used by many companies for maximizing their reach on search engines. I will sum up this article in the words of Dave Waters

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, its artificial intelligence”

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